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Who is J.C.?

Welcome, my name is Jason Chrisman. I live in central Ohio, where I keep bees. My beekeeping experience started in 2009 when I caught a swarm in my backyard. From that one swarm, a passion for beekeeping took over in me. Over the years, I have worked to grow my bee yards hive numbers from feral colonies with wintering abilities. I now have several hives and sell Ohio raised Queens/Nucs from this same stock. When I am not working with bees, I manage grass fed beef and pastured poultry. I enjoy working with nature and seeing the diversity on the land.

We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 

General Information
Jason Chrisman (J.C.'s Bees)
12519 Camp Ohio Rd.
St. Louisville, Ohio 43071
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