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2018 Five Frame Nucs

5 Frame Nuc $180 ($80 Non-Refundable Deposit)
Limited Number Available So Act Now!
 Expected Pickup May 20th - June 10th
(State Inspected)

What's included:
- 5 Deep frames (3 of which will be active brood frames in several stages, 1 frame will be food storage(honey/pollen), 1 frame will be eggs)

- 1 Laying Queen (Queen will be marked)

- All 5 frames will be covered in bees (roughly 3 pounds of bees). I inspect nucs regularly before pickup to guarantee they are strong and healthy.   

- 1 Wax Coated Nuc box for tranporting (pictured above). Cardboard nucs will be sealed to keep bees contained. These boxes have ventilation but I still recommend returning home without making stops after picking up. Make all stops before hand, such as getting fuel.

My Bees Breed
To label my bees genetics to a single breed restricts their classification, in my opinion. You will notice some traits from each of the well know breeds, in my bees. Since 2014, I have been grafting from feral swarms. I don't just graft from any ole swarm either, I watch and monitoring them for traits I like. Here are a few...

  • Overwintering
  • Large Brood Patterns
  • Quick Build-Up
  • Docile Temperament 
  • Hygienic Behaviors (Mites)
  • Large Honey Producer

How This Works:

1. Clicking "Pay Now" below, you can pay the Non-refundable deposit ($80 per nuc), the deposit reserves your order. The remaining $100 per nuc is paid at time of pickup.(Cash only at pickup) 

2. Pick up nucs outside of Martinsburg, OH (43037). Address will be provided when time comes. Expected pickup between May 20th - June 10th (dates depend on weather) **Nucs will not be shipped.

3. As pickup time arrives, you will be notified either by phone or email. I will work with you on pickup times but if you fail to pickup after 3 arranged dates, order is void.

4. In the case that I can not fill your order by June 10th, I will give you a complete refund of all money paid (refund of deposit).

5. Nuc is your responsibility once you leave from pickup. If you have questions or concerns of any kind feel free to email me

Note: If you are just starting your first colony of bees, I recommend getting 2 nuc. The reason being is, it give you something to compare with and resources from one may help the other at different times. 

I am not offering frame exchange this season. Sorry!

Reserve Your's Today

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