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Honey Bee Healthy Recipe

This is a homemade version of Honey B Healthy which is much cheaper to make than to buy. It is added to the bees feed to encourage feeding. However studies show it can increase robbing because surrounding bees are attracted by the smell. I recommend when using to not have hives open any longer than necessary. 
*  5 cups water
*  2 1/2 pounds of sugar
*  1/8 teaspoon lecithin granules (used as emulsifier)
*  15 drops spearmint oil
*  15 drops lemongrass oil

Bring water to a boil and mix in sugar until dissolved. Once dissolved remove from heat. Then immediately add lecithin and essential oils. Stirring until everything is well mixed. The aroma is very strong and and will attract bees. Use caution to not leave container open around bees. Let cool before use.

After cooling store in a mason jar. To use add 4 teaspoons per gallon of 1:1 sugar syrup. 

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