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Queen Rearing With A Cell Starter (Kit)

Are you ready to try your hand at raising your own queen bees? With the average price of a single
queen being $25 each. Having the ability to raise your own queen bees can save you lots of money. Plus there is a major benefit to being able to raise queens from survival stock. These are the colonies that live through winter
and are great stock to graft from. Imagine being able to pick out traits you like from different survival colonies. Such as: colony temperament, large full laying patterns and high honey yields. So why would you not want to learn queen rearing?

There are several ways to raise queens honey bees. This method works regardless of the number you're wanting to raise. From the backyard beekeeper raising a few queens each year to the full timer raising hundreds at a time. This system always offers high queen cell acceptance and finishing results. Giving the beekeeper the queens they need and many more.

NOTE:A strong double deep hive works best for this procedure. Since…