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How Honey Bees Communicate Part 1 Test

Did you know honey bees produce a pheromone when they swarm? These pheromones act as a chemical message to other bees. In this short series you will learn how honey bees communicate with each other. Learn about the different pheromone producing glands and when they are used.

Test yourself! At the end of this video you can take this short test to see how much information you learned.

 *Already watched video then START HERE*

Now if your ready, grab a sheet of paper and answer these questions. Lets see what you remember or maybe already knew.

1. When bees swarm they use which gland to keep them grouped together?

A. Tarsal
B. Venom
C. Nasonov
D. Nectar

2. The first stage of the Alarm pheromone comes from?

A. Venom Sac
B. Mandibular Gland
C. Pollen Basket
D. Fanning

3. The Nasonov gland is located on the bees _________.

A. Head
B. Wings
C. Butt
D. Feet

4. The population ratio of forager and nurse bees is controlled by ________?

A. Queen pheromone
B. Forager pheromone
C. Worker bees
D. Brood

5.  Which pheromone is found on flower bees are foraging?

A. Alarm
B. Nasonov
C. Footprint
D Foraging

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