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Building A Ugly Drum Smoker

Usually here I discuss honey bees and beekeeping tricks but I recently built something that I believe you may enjoy. If you enjoy cooking outside on the grill and also enjoy a good smokey flavored meal than you came to the right place. With this smoker you can smoke your foods at low temperature or increase the air flow and turn it into a BBQ.

 I have roughly $145 in getting all the part together to build ugly drum smoker (U.D.S.). But I also wanted customize mine a little too.  I imagine a person could go without the expense of exhaust pipes and just use the two bung hole in the 55 gallon drums lid. And instead of the handle ball valve you could probably just use and remove caps. I got the drum for $5. I found it in the local paper for sale.

  If you do a Google search on Ugly drum smokers you will see several different ways they have been made. I recommend if you would want to build one you do this search and maybe even search for Ugly Drum Smoker plans. Good luck and enjoy.

Here is…