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Queen Rearing Cell Punch Kit offer

Queen Rearing Cell Punch Kit
Are you tired of purchasing queen bees because you can't graft them yourself? With this easy to use kit you will be raising frames full of queens in no time flat. For less than the price of one queen bee you can purchase this kit. So what are you waiting on? Order now!

This Kit Includes:
*1 Cell Punch Tool (w/ angled shaft)
*1 Starter Chunk Of 100% Beeswax
*8 Wooden Cell Blocks
*Full Color Step By Step Instructions
*1 Small paint brush

Things you'll need not included in kit:
*Queen Rearing Frame
*Way to heat wax and water

 Since you never touch the larva transferring the complete cell. The larva benefits by getting 100% of the royal jelly it was feed vs grafting when food can be left behind.

*With the contents of this kit you will raise well over $200 in queens.
Free Cell Punch Tutorial here:

Buy yours today for only

*Allow up to 5 day for processing 
*Orders ship every following Saturday
*U.S. Sales only at this time


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