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Queen Rearing Wax Cup Offer

100% Pure Bees Wax Queen Cups

If you raise your own queen bees you know that queens in nature are reared in a wax cup. With this in mind you have to wonder why can’t wax cups be found on the bee supply market today? 
Here they are 100% pure bees wax. These cups are made with a custom designed mold which make these cups very strong and durable. The flat bottoms of the cups make for easy attaching to cell bar with a little heat.

***With your purchase the cups will be shipped in a flat rate box to protect them.
*** Allow up to 5 days for processing
*** Only available in the Untied Sates at this time

We know that bees accept wax cups so order yours today.

Not Available at this time.

Queen Rearing Cell Punch Kit offer

Queen Rearing Cell Punch Kit Are you tired of purchasing queen bees because you can't graft them yourself? With this easy to use kit you will be raising frames full of queens in no time flat. For less than the price of one queen bee you can purchase this kit. So what are you waiting on? Order now!
This Kit Includes: *1 Cell Punch Tool (w/ angled shaft) *1 Starter Chunk Of 100% Beeswax *8 Wooden Cell Blocks *Full Color Step By Step Instructions
*1 Small paint brush

Things you'll need not included in kit: *Queen Rearing Frame *Way to heat wax and water

 Since you never touch the larva transferring the complete cell. The larva benefits by getting 100% of the royal jelly it was feed vs grafting when food can be left behind.

*With the contents of this kit you will raise well over $200 in queens. Free Cell Punch Tutorial here:

Buy yours today for only $28.00

*Allow up to 5 day for processing 
*Orders ship every following Saturday
*U.S. Sales only at this time


Beekeeping... Back to the Basics ebook offer

In this E-Book you will learn:

*Langstroth Hive Equipment                *Basic Duties Of A Bee *Basic Protective Clothing         
*Hive Equipment *How to install a package of bees *Making Splits *Feeding and When to *20 Full Color Pages with Images      
*Full Beekeepers Glossary
*Helpful Video Links On Topics
*And Much More.....

Great Value $4.00


Queen rearing with a cell punch

With the over whelming response to my cell punch video. I decided to put a kit together for those of you who wish to try it. With this kit you'll be raising your own queen bees very easily.

We all know that the queen bee is the heart of the colony. Without her the colony will fail. We also know that in order in start a new colony of bee you'll need an additional queen. Their are several ways to raise queens but not all of these methods raise high quality queens. What is a high quality queen? This would be a queen that lays thousands of eggs a day without failing. She should have large brood patterns to product that monstrous colony that's needed to make large honey yields.

To get high quality queens you need to pick the correct rearing procedure. Many beekeeper choose to graft. This process can rear great queens if all the steps are followed perfectly. To do this correctly you must have good eye sight and a very steady hand. You also must pick the correct age larva and tr…