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Complete Queen Rearing Guide

Are you ready to graft? Or maybe you already grafted and was wondering when each step took place with the cells. Check out my new Queen Rearing Calendar Generator. This is a excellent tool for all beekeeper who raise queen cells. Check it out and share it with fellow beekeepers.

Do you know how to graft queens? Want to learn? Follow my step by step video HEREor picture below.

If you already seen the grafting video. What are your thoughts? Do you use a different method to raise queen cells? Will you try this method? Leave a comment below.

Honeybees in a tree (bee gum)

Well I got a call about a bee log. A bee gum. By definition a bee gum is " Bees in a hollow tree or log". A homeowner had a tree (hard maple) fall in a recent storm. The tree was back in his woods away from everything but it seems his kids often ride atv's in the area. This was a big concern for the homeowner.

This was to be an easy bee removal job. We planned to cut the section out of the log with the bees and load it on a trailer to bring home. Much to my surprise it pretty much worked out just like that. When doing these type of removals "bee gum" it can be tricky and you never know what to expect.

When the tree was standing the comb ran vertical naturally. Then the tree fell on it's side so the bees made adjustment to the comb to make it vertical again as much as possible. When removing a section of log with bees the comb can be very fragile. In one case in the past (not this job) where the trip home destroyed the comb and forced me to do a cutout on the…