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Homemade Queen Marking Cage

Have you ever thought about marking your queens? Maybe you were afraid you would hurt her. Or maybe you just didn't know how to go about it. Well I took a few minutes and created a Homemade queen marking cage. These tools can be purchased through most bee equipment suppliers. But I have always been one to make stuff if materials are not hard to come by. And if I can save a few bucks along the way then that's just a bonus.

So to make your own queen marking cage you will need a few things to get started.

1. A empty subscription pill bottle. ( Because they are transparent)
2. 7/16" Dowel rod 4 1/2" long
3. Piece of sponge material (Enough to cover plunger)
4. A hole saw the same diameter as pill bottle. ( Mine is 2")
5. Netting material to cover end.
6. Small piece of 3/4" lumber (For plunger)
7. (2) Rubberbands

We will start by using a hole saw to remove the bottom of the pill bottle. Measure across the bottom of bottle to see what size is needed. Now use th…