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Buckwheat Honey For Flu

With flu cases on the rise so is the sale of local raw buckwheat honey. It has been proven that raw buckwheat honey contains the highest level of antioxidant. These antioxidants help treat upper respiratory infections.

A lot of people eat honey on a daily basis. Thinking they are bettering their health. But what they do not realize is that honey purchased from a discount store is junk. It has been heated and filtered so much that it has killed all of it's nutritional values. Why is it heated? This is to keep it from crystallizing in the bottle on store shelves. Local raw honey on the other hand is what is desired. The taste alone is day and night difference and it's full of health benefits. The darker the honey the better it is for your health this being buckwheat honey.

Buckwheat is not a wheat at all it is a flowering plant which produces seeds . Once the haul is removed from the seed it's hard center is ground into gluten free flour at the flour mill. It can produce up to…

Honeybee Swarm Removal Steps

 Honeybee Removals   
Would you like to catch bee swarms? Ask yourself are you interested in free honey bees?

Honeybees swarm usually in the spring.
This is when you will want to have fliers
made up to hang in your area. I would
suggest hanging them in gas stations, post offices, stores anywhere people will see them. You can even contact your local police and fire department and give them your contact info. The main thing is to get the word out so when someone spots a swarm they think of you. This service is usually free after all you are getting free bees.

Preparing for calls
When you get a call for a swarm you need to be ready. There are a few questions that you can ask that will help you a lot.
1. Are you sure they are honeybees?
You'd be surprised how many people want you to remove their hornets for them.
2. How high off the ground is the swarm?
  This way you know rather to bring a ladder. 3. How long have they been there?
  If they have been there long they could leave at any mo…

Raise Your Own Queen Bees

If you have kept bees for very long at all you probably experienced ordering packaged bees. I have ordered bees a few different times through my local bee supplier who orders from Georgia ( I live in Ohio). My first year I ordered Italians and was happy with the way they build up over the summer. I had split them a couple times since I was not concerned about surplus honey only building my apiary. Then fall came around I had 3 hives now to prepare for winter. In Ohio we have usually have pretty cold winters and can go weeks with snow on the ground. I fed and fed my hives until they reached the desired food stores for winter. I was anxious to see if they would survive till spring.

NOPE they all died! So I ordered again this time trying out Cornolians. From what I had read they were more adaptable to the cold winter climate. So I repeated the season making splits and building up for winter. But this year I had captured a couple feral colonies from my area and now had a total of 5 col…