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Homemade Wasp Killer (Spray)

Are you tired of buying expensive Wasp and Yellow Jacket spray? I can help you save a few bucks and at the same time kill these pest. A few years back I started removing honeybees from homes and other buildings. Not long after I had a few people ask if I could take care of the bad bees (Wasp, Yellow Jackets, Hornets). I have never considered this before with the honeybees I was working to gain the colony of bees. But why not take on killing wasp? I wanted to find a simple way to do this and something that would not bother kids or pets. So believe it or not I found out that soapy water would suffocate the wasp if they were covered with it. That's right just regular dish soap and water. Wasp breath through their skin. Covering them with soapy water suffocates them.

So I went and purchased a one gallon pump up sprayer to mix the soapy water in. These sprayers can help to keep you out of harms way. When adjusted correctly they can shot a 6-10 foot stream. Wasp drop like dead flies after they are hit with the spray so it's best to not get to close or at least right under them as they are falling.

I contacted the guy who had asked about this service to take care of his problem. The next day would be the last for these pest.  I showed up early in the morning (To catch all of the bees at the nest) with my sprayer filled with soapy water mixture. This particular wasp nest was up under a overhang of a house roof. As I got close to the nest I could see a ball of wasp covering the brood (wasp larva). 

I pumped up my sprayer and adjusted the tip to spray a nice fine stream then I soaked the whole nest wasp and all. They started to drop immediately after the spray hit them. I watched them on the ground as they crawled around for a few minutes. Then they suddenly stopped moving. Finally they were dying. I noticed a few that were still flying they must had been out flying when I did the first spray. So again I pumped the sprayer and took care of them. This soapy water mixture was amazing.

The sprays you purchase from the store (Raid, Seven dust, Combat) have very strong chemicals in them. I would prefer to keep my distance from them if at all possible. And in the past when I had used these sprays I had noticed it stained areas on my home. They can stain your vinyl siding and your roofing shingle. The soapy water will NOT stain. If anything it will clean. As where the the purchases sprays are full of  harmful chemicals. And lets face it the sprays are expensive averaging $5-$12 a can.

Since then I have used this formula to kill wasp, yellow jackets, and hornets. Try it you'll be glad you did.
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