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From trees to the kiln

Over this last winter I decided to purchase a chainsaw mill. I had seen a few I had liked but decided to purchase a Mill Rite with a Dolmar PS-9000 power-head.  The saw has plenty of power seems to run great.                                                                                

The first day working in the mill I was hooked. I didn't want to stop. I could not believe I had not done this sooner. When you really figure how little I would have in lumber it comes out to mere pennies per board. By the end of the first day I had a nice stack of lumber. Sure the pile would be bigger if I'd went with a band saw mill but I am happy with my decision. The chainsaw has a thicker cut (kerf) where the band saws cut is very thin.
Needing lube
I did notice that the chainsaw could use a drip lube tank dripping on the nose of the bar. Large bars never really do oil very well especially when the saw lays on it's side while cutting. I used an old one gallon gas can. I put a water v…