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Bee Swarm With A Twist

In the last few years I have neglected to post anything. I hope to change my habit and start doing more post. I have been busy building bee equipment for myself so I can build up my hive numbers.

Doing swarm removal has helped build up my colony numbers. This year has been great for swarms here in Ohio. The bees are swarming like crazy Well the other day the call had a twist to it. The home owner said a cluster of bees few other her while she was outside. They had clustered in a 6" hole in a maple tree. After arriving at the home and taking a further look. The tree had a limb removed years ago and a chunk had fallen out allowing bees space in the tree. The cluster of bees was only a few inches inside the hole. Heck this looked easy. Just suck them up with a bee vac and be done right? Wrong! The hole must have been fairly large for the amount of bees that were in there.

Swarm removal with a twist

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