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My Favorite Hive Tool & Why

As a beekeeper, one of the things that is used the most is the hive tool. They are used to pry bee boxes apart, scrape and clean hive parts, pry nails and help pull frames. It used to be that I would carry two hive tools with me to accomplish everything I wanted to do while working the bees. It never failed, if I headed out to work the bees and only took one hive tool, I always needed the other. This is because each hive tool has it's own features, some of these features are not needed all the time but when they are, it's very helpful to have the right tool.

Two years ago, I discovered another hive tool on the market and had to try it. It's not that I wanted a 3rd tool to carry around, that's the last thing I needed. I was hoping to find one tool that would do everything and maybe, just maybe, replace the others I carried.

Here is what I found this one hive tool could do.
1. When it comes to scraping/prying edges there are choices

2. Nail Puller

3. Frame Puller

4. T…

Feeding Bees All Year With Ceracell's Top Hive Feeder

If your looking for a bee hive feeder that has several uses, this is the feeder for you. This top hive feeder is made to be used year round regardless what your feeding your bees or what climate you live in.

1. The top hive feeder holds 2.5 gallons of liquid syrup and it's constructed of virgin food grade plastics so there is no toxins added to your syrup or hives.
2. This feeder is 100% drown proof with it's corner and center caps placed in the feeder. (caps are included with feeder)
3. With the bees having corner access to the syrup there is no waste regardless how level your hive is. As where with other top hive feeders, as the syrup level lowers the bees lose access to it.

4. With the corner guards removed it gives the bees access to enter the feeder, then it can also act as a dry sugar feeder. This is ideal for winter feedings.

5. It also makes a great dry pollen sub feeder on or away from the hives. Of course, using it away from the hives you would need to cover it to ke…

I Just Bought A Nuc, Now What?

If your here, your probably about to pickup your very first nuc of honeybees. A nuc is a miniature bee hive usually consisting of 5 deep frames. These 5 frames contain honey, pollen, and brood (Eggs and Larva) of all ages. A healthy nuc will be heavily populated with bees and a laying queen. Some beekeepers will mark the queens ahead of time at the request of the customer. This makes her stand out more during inspections.

The nuc is your responsibility once you leave the bee-yard from purchasing. It's always good to do your research on beekeeping and honeybees weeks before picking up your nuc. If you have concerns or questions ask before leaving with your nuc.
If you have never been around honeybees before, here is a few pointers to get everything setup.

Setting Up Nuc Once They Are At Their New Home
Step 1: Before picking up your nuc, make sure you have a spot prepared for their placement once you return home. Make sure you are happy with the location you will put hive in before in…

Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies "New Top Hive Feeder"

Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies in New Zealand took a good long look into these problems and redesigned the feeder. The new design feature 100% virgin plastic, access to syrup in all 4 corners and the middle, plus it hold 2.5 gallons of syrup. In the winter months, it can be used to feed dry sugar, like the mountain camp method. Just remove the middle and corner covers so the bees can reach the sugar.

I am proud to say that after working with Ceracell and testing out the feeder it is now available in the USA. The current US distributor is working hard to keep the price low but bare in mind that shipping from New Zealand is very expensive.

Purchase Feeder Here:

My Top Feeder video

If you have ever used a top hive bee feeder, you probably already know they have their pro's & con's. Depending on the style of top hive feeder, some have floats that don't fully stop drowning issues and others allow access to syrup through a screened middle middle section…