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Who is J.C.?

Welcome, my name is Jason Chrisman. I live and keep bees in central Ohio. In 2009, I came home from work to find a large swarm of honey bees hanging in a tree in my yard. I knew little to nothing about honey bees at the time but I was determined to learn. I immediately contacted a beekeeper and got the needed hive equipment to begin my adventure. Little did I know at the time but bees require a lot of attention at different times but I was soon to find that out.

That colony died that winter due to mites, a major issue for the bees. Mites infect the bees with diseases which is really hard on them over the winter months and ended up killing them. This left me heart broken but I knew I had to move forward if I was to figure out my mistakes. The next 2 years I purchased bee packages from the south and lost them both during the winter months also. This time I was not convinced it was NOT mites, so I started to do my research and discovered I had a moisture problem inside the hive. Bees naturally put off heat, during the winter months this heat condensates inside the colony and drips on the bees killing them. Starting over was beginning to really get me down each year, not to mention the expense but I really enjoy the bees. So the next year, I started doing swarm removals. I did not know at the time but this would be my golden ticket to over wintering and mite control.

Over the years, I’ve shared my experiences beekeeping here on my blog and on my YouTube channel. I’ve been very fortunate to gain a large following of fans along the way. They are the reason I continue to make simple, easy to understand videos.



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