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  The European style smoker is famous for it's dome shaped lid and still today preferred by many beekeeper over the modern cone shaped design. This heavy duty smoker features a protective guard with a smoker hanger and a durable leather bellow.

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Frame Gripper

Heavy duty bee hive frame gripper.

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Protective Clothing

3 Layer Vented Bee Jacket (Large Only)

The first thing we rely on as beekeepers is our protective clothing. This fully vented jacket is designed to live that life for years to come. The 3 layers of material provide comfort and protection.

-3 Layer 100% Air Mesh Fabric But Still Provide Protection
-Reliable Brass YKK Zippers
-Removable Veil w/ Clear View Front
-Fabric Flap w/Velcro Covers Zipper For Added Protection
-Durable Elastic Waist, Wrist and Thumb Loops
-3 Pockets (1 on each side, 1 chest pockets)

Size of the Large Jacket:
Chest 50 3/4"
Arm Inseam 23"
Waist 32"-46" (elastic)

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Round Veil

Our round veil is designed with quality materials to protect your head, neck and face.
-Durable Fabric
-Full View Front & Sides
-Solid Back
-Draw String

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Leather Gloves

Our leather gloves are designed with comfort and a long life.
-Goat Skin Leather
-Thick Sting-Proof Fabric Sleeve
-Elastic Cuffs On Sleeves

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Queen Rearing

Queen Rearing Cell Punch Kit

Do you buy queen honey bees because you simply can not raise them yourself ? What if I told you, you can with this kit. As a matter a fact you can raise well of $200 worth of queens for the price listed below. Here’s why, the most common method used to raise queens is called queen rearing. Queen rearing is an art, it’s nothing you pick up over night, you have to practice and practice. You need a very steady hand and great eyes to see the tiny larva and if you accidently flip it over, it’s dead. Start over!
With our easy to use Cell Punch Kit, you’ll be raising frames full of queens in no time flat. The cell punch tool is used to cut out a single cell of comb with young larva.

           This Kit Includes:                                           Not Included:
       -1 Cell Punch Tool                               -Queen Rearing Frame 
       -1 Full Set Of Color Instruction            -Way To Heat Wax/Water
       -8 Wooden Cell Blocks
       -1 Small Paint Brush

$28.00 (Free Shipping)

Nicot Queen Rearing Kit

This kit is used along with the Nicot queen rearing system.

10-Cell Cup Mounts (dark brown)
10-Queen Cup Holder (white)
10-Queen Cups (brown)
10-Roller Cages With Lids (semi-clear)

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EZ Scoop Grafting Tool

The EZ Scoop grafting tool was designed to make grafting simple. The scoop shaped head makes the process of transferring larva effortless. With this tool you can easily slip under the larva without rolling it, which is necessary for acceptance from the colony. If you want good results with your grafting, order your EZ Scoop today!
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Beekeeping...Back To The Basics

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A very simple explanation of beekeeping equipment and terms used beekeeping.Topics Include
*Basic Protective Clothing
*Hive Equipment
*How To Install A Bee Package
*Making Splits
*When To Feed and How
*Much, Much More....


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How To Build A Queen Rearing Cell Starter

Here it is. Are you ready to raise your own queen bees? Using this process rather it's for just a few queens to hundreds, it always result in great success. This because of the cell starter. The way it's setup the bees contained are queen-less and loaded with royal jelly since they had no brood to raise. This makes for a high acceptance of grafts given to them. So if your ready to learn this process order yours today!


(This ebook kit is sent by email within 24 hours of purchasing)