Monday, February 10, 2014

Queen rearing with a cell punch

With the over whelming response to my cell punch video. I decided to put a kit together for those of you who wish to try it. With this kit you'll be raising your own queen bees very easily.

We all know that the queen bee is the heart of the colony. Without her the colony will fail. We also know that in order in start a new colony of bee you'll need an additional queen. Their are several ways to raise queens but not all of these methods raise high quality queens. What is a high quality queen? This would be a queen that lays thousands of eggs a day without failing. She should have large brood patterns to product that monstrous colony that's needed to make large honey yields.

To get high quality queens you need to pick the correct rearing procedure. Many beekeeper choose to graft. This process can rear great queens if all the steps are followed perfectly. To do this correctly you must have good eye sight and a very steady hand. You also must pick the correct age larva and transfer it without flipping it over. If it's flipped over it will die.

Now with the cell punch your chances of that high quality queens is boosted. How you ask? Well when you use a cell punch to rear queens you transfer the cell straight from the comb to the queen rearing bar. So you never disturb the larva. You also transfer 100% of the royal jelly which is in the cell with the larva. At this early stage of rearing queens you have already jumped ahead of the game. Because you never touched the larva. Acceptance of cell to nursing bees is greatly boosted.  So ask yourself why aren't you trying this?

Having the ability to raise your own queen is very beneficial. Not to mention the money you will save. Actually the price of this kit is less than the price of a single queen bee. Today the average price of a queen is $28 and if you want her marked it's gonna cost you $30. This kit is selling right now for only $23 with free shipping (United State only at this time).  Purchase your kit today while they are still available.

 Everything you need to start this procedure is included in this kit except a queen rearing frame and a small paint brush. To learn more about kit watch this video.

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