Saturday, February 15, 2014

Queen Rearing Wax Cup Offer

100% Pure Bees Wax Queen Cups

If you raise your own queen bees you know that queens in nature are reared in a wax cup. With this in mind you have to wonder why can’t wax cups be found on the bee supply market today? 

Here they are 100% pure bees wax. These cups are made with a custom designed mold which make these cups very strong and durable. The flat bottoms of the cups make for easy attaching to cell bar with a little heat.

***With your purchase the cups will be shipped in a flat rate box to protect them.
*** Allow up to 5 days for processing
*** Only available in the Untied Sates at this time

We know that bees accept wax cups so order yours today.

Not Available at this time.

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