Saturday, January 26, 2013

Buckwheat Honey For Flu

With flu cases on the rise so is the sale of local raw buckwheat honey. It has been proven that raw buckwheat honey contains the highest level of antioxidant. These antioxidants help treat upper respiratory infections.

A lot of people eat honey on a daily basis. Thinking they are bettering their health. But what they do not realize is that honey purchased from a discount store is junk. It has been heated and filtered so much that it has killed all of it's nutritional values. Why is it heated? This is to keep it from crystallizing in the bottle on store shelves. Local raw honey on the other hand is what is desired. The taste alone is day and night difference and it's full of health benefitsThe darker the honey the better it is for your health this being buckwheat honey.

Buckwheat is not a wheat at all it is a flowering plant which produces seeds . Once the haul is removed from the seed it's hard center is ground into gluten free flour at the flour mill. It can produce up to 10 pounds of nectar per acre no a good day. This nectar is turned into honey by the bees. The honey is almost black in color. The honey has a pungent molasses like flavor. Buckwheat only produces nectar in the morning hours this leaves the bees to forage for other nectar sources in the afternoon.

 Before the 1960's buckwheat was grown almost everywhere. This was one of the United States first cultivated crops. Today buckwheat is now grown more in the northern states. So this is why finding buckwheat honey can be a challenge. I would recommend checking local farmers markets or local health foods stores.

Buckwheat fields are not hard to recognize they are snow white when in full bloom. In Ohio where I live I am fortunate to have found a farmer who grows buckwheat. The farmer grows winter wheat which is harvested in early summer allowing him enough time in the growing season to plant buckwheat. With this crop he is able to double crop the land in one growing season. 

In early autumn the plant is harvested and shipped to New York State to the flour mill. This mill uses the same flour grinding equipment built over a century ago to process genuine stone ground buckwheat flour. A 200 HP engine has replaced the mill's original power source, a waterwheel. Buckwheat is not frost tolerant, So once it gets frost it will begin to wilt.

I would encourage beekeepers to talk to farmers who grow winter wheat. See if they have ever thought about planting buckwheat. Buckwheat has an amino acid composition superior to all other grains. It's high in lysine that plant breeders have been trying for years to increase in corn. It also rebuilds poor soil content. Farmers can contact a Buckwheat processor about a contract.

Buckwheat Processor Contact Info.

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