Saturday, December 1, 2012

Storing firewood

 With winter coming upon us fast the rush to get wood stored indoors is on for some. There is nothing like the heat from a good old wood burner on a cold crisp day. Keeping the wood good and dry is very important to those who heat with wood. Moisture in the wood can creates creosote which causes house fires. It also make starting a fire a real pain. So for this reason people tend to store a portion of there winter fire wood indoors after it's seasoned outside.

What's hiding in that wood

Hiding inside this wood is spiders, carpenter ants, black beetles  grubs, and sometimes even terminates. These insects were trying to hibernate inside the wood then you brought them inside. Now that they are in where it's warm they don't want hibernate anymore. Now not bringing in to much in advanced. This might not give them the time to venture outside of it log nest into your home before you burn it.

Places to avoid placing firewood

 Placing wood in a basement is a bad idea from the start. This could introduce wood boring insects to your joists and house framing. Never store would to close to wood burner where a stray spark could ignite the wood pile. Wood should be keep off the ground away from moisture.

Where to stack wood

During summer wood should be keep 50 feet or more from your house. You may even consider 100 feet if you start thinking about the carpenter ants can go 100 feet to search for dinner. Rodents also like to build nest in wood piles and once it gets cold outside you don't want them moving in with you. Wood should be stack to get proper air flow to dry after splitting. I use a 10 x 10 dog kennel for my wood shed. It lets the air flow through the wood all summer long then in the fall I cover it with a tarp. A 10 x 10 kennel can hold over 4 1/2 cords of wood. Plus I can move it if I need.

Firewood state Laws

In Ohio the laws reads that all woods sold as " seasoned " must have less than 50% moisture content. All firewood must be sold in a cord or in fractions of a cord. One cord, when stacked correctly ,will measure 8 feet long by 4 feet high and 4 feet wide or 128 cubic feet. Many of Ohio's 88 counties are under a quarantine because of the gypsy moths or emerald ash bore. If caught hauling wood from an infected county to clean one there is a $4000 fine. Ouch! Check your firewood laws in your state.

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