Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saving The Honey Bees.........

                                                    Saving the bees..........

Three years ago my cousin and I started doing bee removal or cutouts. The first one we did I was a little intimidated by the idea. How bad was we going to get stung kept going through my mind. Then the day came we arrived around 10 am giving the majority of the bees a chance to be out flights. We brought a saw-zall, Empty deep with empty frames, Rubber-band, Large knife (to cut comb), a small bucket of water ( for washing hands), and our veils.

As I started to cut open the wall I was ready for thousands of bees to come pouring out but to my surprise only a few came out.  We started popping off boards to reveal the colony. I was amazed by the amount of comb in the wall and all that honey. I had never seen anything like this. My cousin grabbed his knife and a frame using the frame to measure the size of comb he needed to cut out. After he got it cut out I examined it to see rather it had honey or brood. The brood I would put into frames and use rubber band to secure it until the bee get it waxed in place. The honey went into a bucket to be crushed and strained.

By the time we got the comb all removed we had bees everywhere. We decided to leave the deep box over night and I came the following morning to pick up the box and take them home. This would give the bees time to adjust to the new hive. We had just over two hours in the removal and only a few stings each not to bad. My mind was at ease with doing cutouts now.

As the next few years passed we average doing two cutouts a year. This year (2012) my cousins neighbor had told him they were going to knock down the old farm house. He mentioned that it had honey bees in the wall if we wanted them to get them before summer came around or it would be to late.

So here we go again. Only these bees weren't so nice. Check out the video I made. You'll notice I start out in a long sleeve shirt and veil and end up in a full bee suit.

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