Monday, July 27, 2009

Beekeepers Tool Box

The last few days I have spent some time in my wood shop. I needed a tool box to carry my beekeeping tools. It seems when I need a certain tool it is no longer around . But when it's not needed there it is. Funny how it works.

Ohio has been right in a line of storms coming from the south reaching the gulf. It's been rain everyday for the last 2 weeks. So I figured this was the time to build my tools box. I wanted something that would hold everything I needed when working the bees. From time to time I do removals (cutouts) and then I also graft my own queens. I need something that would accommodate all these needs.

I started by getting a few measurements off the bigger pieces that might go in the box. I wanted to make sure I allowed room. The biggest thing I had to carry besides the smoker was a grafting frame. Though I don't use the frame every time I go out, it would be nice to have it when needed.

So after some more thought and a few sketches. I came up with my design. I was excited to get started. I didn't want a heavy box so I used 1/2" pine lumber to build it. Playing in the wood shop is a favorite pass time so this box shouldn't take long to construct. I gathered and cut the material down to size and started gluing and clamping. Then I followed up each joint with the air finish nailer. Before I knew it I had a box.

 I figured it would be smart to carry the smoker on the outside of the box. Then when it's hot I won't have to make special arrangements for it. With the guard on the smoker it made things simple to figure out.

The tools I used most would need to be easily accessible. Such as my veil and hive tool. Since the smoker was planned to go on the outside this was not a issue anymore. I didn't want to have to dig for my tools like I dig for a wrench in the garage tool box. So I used the lid to house my hive tool and bee brush and used a strap to hold my veil neatly inside bottom of tool box. Things were going together nicely. Take a look at the pictures below. What do you think?

Everything fit nicely into new tool box
Have you ever thought about building a tool box? Would you build your different? How?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Installing beeswax foundation in frames

Installing wax Foundation
This was my first attempt at this. After doing a few it came pretty easy.

Company in the garden

7/22/09 I had company in the garden today. They always seem to amaze me. (click to enlarge)

Honey bees usually do not work sweet corn but we are in the middle of a very dry spell. Well, all except in my garden. So the bees take what protein they can get. Pretty cool to watch them.

Watch short clip of my garden guest.


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