Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ants in the hive

Ants in the bee hive
  I noticed thousands of black carpenter ants on inner hive lid. After freaking out for a minute I sweep all the ants away with a broom. Then decided to go into the hive for inspection. Not prepared at all (no veil, no bee suit, and no smoker) I opened the inner cover and was amazed by what work they had done already. After a quick inspection ( looking for the ants inside) I reassembled the frames and lids. I then rubbed axle grease on the hive stand legs. Insects won't cross grease. I also crushed some charcoal and put around legs as a repellent.  The following few mornings I checked inner lid for ants and found a few. Then I noticed the lid had little ant chambers (tunnels) in the frame of lid. I built another lid and I switched out lids. My ant problem is gone for now.

Ants don't like:

* Crossing axle grease
* Cinnamon
* Borax soap will kill ants
* Spearmint
** Try to avoid strong chemicals around bee hives

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